GamblerJimthe poet

To my grandchildren: You have given me more love than any man deserves. To my many friends: You always encouraged me, and never lost faith.


Dreams in White Satin

She comes to me in the night, dressed in white satin, seems so right

She is here to make the most heavenly adventures, of my dreams

She comes only with dreamy games, which she desires to play

But she cannot be blamed if things must happen that way

With her flowing features, beautiful eyes and laughter of a child

It cannot be her fault, that such graceful beauty drives me so wild

Therefore thru each troublesome day I must curse the suns beams

Because now I live only for the night and my white satin dreams


Angel's Silence

My heart is slowly nearing deaths portal

For too long now my angel has not spoken to this mortal

My soul now has not one song I may sing of love

For how can I exist without that angel from heaven above?



Goodnight My Love

Now I must bid thee good night it seems

As you set sail in your ship of dreams

May the winds blow sweet and light

Thus to carry you safe thru the night

Many wonderful dreams with you I do share

My heart has been given into your care

So sail this ship on a course which is true

Knowing our hopes and dreams go with you

J.Lawrence Brantley