1.   $10.00 entry per person.


2.       We will play six hands per game, and as many games as possible in the time allotted for play. Highest total points will win 1st place and then on down the list to last place.


3.       Cash awards for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd places. May pay more depending on attendance.


4.       Teams will draw for first table positions. Winning team at first game does not move from that table all day. Losing team at first game moves all day.


5.       No table talk allowed before and during the play of a hand. All bids must be in numbers only by ones from 50 to 60 and by 5ís after 60. Meld bidding is the accepted method as long as the bids are in numbers only.


6.       The board is the play (once a card is played, it can not be taken back).


7.       Dealer will deal four (4) or  five (5) cards at a time.


8.       No misdeals except by dealer. (Please count your cards after every deal to avoid a renege. If, after play has started, a team has the wrong number of cards in their hand it is a renege.)


9.       Renege constitutes a set. Opponents receive all 50 tricks, plus their meld if over 20 meld.


10.   50 cents per set to be paid to the scorekeeper immediately. The scorekeeper turns in any set money to the tournament director at the end of that game.


11.   After first card is played, the meld stands. All meld must be shown to be counted.


12.   Bidder must have a marriage in trump. If no marriage, bidder is set and the hand is not played.  The opponents get to count their meld if they have 20 or more. Since trump cannot be named, no runs can be melded and all marriages are counted as non-trump marriages.


13.   Bidding team must have 20 meld. If less than 20 meld for the bidding team, the bidding team is set and does not have to play it out, but you must show the hand to verify less than 20 meld. The opponents get their meld if they have 20 meld or more.


14.   Aces do not have to be declared.


15.   Sets will be deducted from your score and not added to the opponents score.


16.   If you meld on the board, you must play the hand. Opponents get meld and tricks they take even if bidder is set (if they have 20 or more meld and 20 or more in tricks).


17.   You must beat the last card played, or if out of that suit you must trump if you have trump. If you can beat the trick but donít, it is a renege.)


18.   Tricks taken by either team must be gathered in such a way that if a renege is called, it is possible to look back and determine if a renege happened. Failure to do so constitutes a renege. Each hand must be played to completion and not thrown in before all cards are played.



This tournament is being played in a non-smoking establishment so smoking is permitted outside only. Please do not hold up the tournament play but try to do it when waiting for the next table.