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My Music








fifteen years ago

after the fire is gone


amazing grace

city of new orleans

charlies shoes

heard the bluebirds sing

I loved em every one

in the misty moonlight


you know I love you

one friend

this world is not my home

when I call your name

when island girls grow up

alone and foresaken

Boxcar's My Home

The road goes on Forever

Cowboy's song

The Sky Above, The Mud Below

Back Street Affair

Big City

Big River

Blue Wing

HonkyTonk Amnesia

Life Has It's Little Up's and Down's

My Train Don't Run On Silver Rails

Silver Tongue Devil and I

Sunday Morning Comin Down

In Color

Hello Walls

Set em up Joe

Only Daddy That'll Walk the Line

Words at 20 paces


This is my playground, Where I can share my heart with my friends. Feel free to download and enjoy anything you like. These are at home recordings. They are far from professional quality and you wont find them at the local music stores, or at Amazon.com.

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